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Executioners Pest Control has been providing pest control solutions for homes and businesses since 1990. We have learned a lot about our customer based in Mumbai for more than past two decades; what they expect from the effectiveness of our service and programs to what they need from our customer service team. To some, these expectations might seem unreasonable, but not to us – we are with you, and would expect nothing less from our own service providers.

We are a professionally managed Pest Control Organization having its registered office at Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400 058. We are a member of Indian Pest Control Association (I P C A). The Executioners was established in the year 1990, it was initially a Partnership firm but during the last twenty five years, as we grew in the year 1999 we incorporated our company as Executioners Pest Control Private Limited. We are a leading pest control company from Mumbai one among the top few pest control organization.

As a pest management specialist we are an expert in pest identification biology and behavior, also skilled in current control technology, strategies and practices. We monitor and accurately identify pest species, determine population size and their area of activity. As a pest control operator we also devise a treatment program, which includes chemical as well as non-chemical control options within the established guidelines for application in the industry.

We keep updating technology, which helps us solve customers’ pest problems. We use environment friendly techniques and chemicals such that customers are not exposed to harmful pesticides. Our staffs speak and work on behalf of the company they are permanent members of Executioners Pest Control Pvt Ltd. They are trained to do their jobs professionally. They are also trained to treat the customers with respect, who we feel is doing us favor, not the other way round.

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